Time is a magical magicians, some after, always amazed at your eye, no matter how long, even years after the baptism of the vicissitudes of life, can let you keep a fine looking, afford much food for thought, feeling and how much time; some, although such as fireworks night, but eventually arrived but the dawn is coming, in the time of the ferry had scattered into the clouds. The time latitude, thin suture. While there are moments, in the heart quietly across, as beautiful as silk, no matter how long, how short, will let you think constantly of, dreamed of wandering in the dim night shade, a light curtain roll westerly Yilan dry, thinner than yellow the tearful eyes a moment, self pity that full size leaves Xiao Xiao, overlooking the curling crescent curved, a window Shuying Xinliang, but no place to put into Acacia, so haggard, so consider that what is the ideal setting for a couple in love, but feel helpless as if a generation had passed the dreamy.

Well, "a dream of Red Mansions" was beginning to write him out, it wears a "golden Chi Ying Luo circle", his nature is hung his mail a lock and a "magic jade". She also had a gold necklace ring, the hanging lock is "never abandon, Christina Yong Ji" auspicious augury, regardless of the lady Dowager often privately lamented the "double jade combination, a pair of jade son" pink, or Mrs. Wang exclaimed "day to make a beautiful marriage", with her treasure Zhi "because the stone before, that a life and death karma and old all the constant Yu Baoyu heart, golden fate God bestows. The bottom of the enemy but Bao Zhi", "a fly in the ointment of the interpretation of the golden fate God bestows".

With his fingers, flowers, prosperous three thousand such as clouds, Qing if Xiangxi why not pity? Life is a dream, who promise the morning bell and evening drum -- reminders of who regard with equanimity? The lofty, time went by., those shades of footprint, shades of the past, whether it will one day will be successful? Perhaps, some tears, but tears eyes, light swallow slowly flowing into the heart size; some wounds, only ax knife cut carved in memory, a tearful smile of sadness; some pain, but pain in the bones, let it into a strain of Datura flower pain rather than......


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