In this world, every one of us is a worldly Suzi, otherworldly, go the road, but that is because with a different mood, different goals, step out of the step point is different, so the journey plot is different, the color of life, the meaning of life is different.

In fact, everyone's life is like a boat, Bearing Co., it can not load too much desire and vanity.

We each person's life boat would need its own at the helm, control of their own. If you can do the heart is wide, and can also be the heart volume; if can do the heart pure, all things are for my song.

The journey of life, there is always noisy, confusion, frustration and suffering, but, as long as we hold a know, can let oneself away from, give yourself a quiet, away from the pain and sorrow, leisurely stroll in every season red.

Red rain, whenever, wherever, in fact, all we need to know.

Know, is the fall will still choose to stand up, failure would still choose to hurt again, still will choose strong; know, was hurt will still choose the tolerance, misunderstood will still choose to forgive, be hostile to will still choose to understand; understanding is in darkness, still not lost the direction, at an important juncture of life and death still not out of the way, in the disaster surrounding will still smile on.

That is, no promises, but cherish; without explanation, has been clear; even if the horizon, such as hand; even a moment, is a thousand years.

That is, if they like the stones a, Yang mountain towering, but not ashamed zican shape; if they are like the grass tree, Wei Mu poplar, but not improperly belittle oneself; if you like a drop of water, with vast sea, never give up.


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